Who We Are

Student Writing Center Staff
Dr. Candace Stewart, Coordinator (stewarc1@ohio.edu)
Becca J.R. Lachman, M.F.A., Associate Coordinator (lachmanr@ohio.edu)
Rachael Ryerson, PhD Candidate, Assistant Coordinator  (rm389311@ohio.edu)

Student Writing Center Tutors
Our academic interests and areas of study:

Andy (Undergraduate): Theater, Creative Writing, Humanities
 (BA, MA, MFA): Rhetoric and Composition, Poetry, Theater, Women’s and Gender Studies, Peace Studies, Music
Connor (Undergraduate): English Literature, History
Ellie (BA): Sociology, Anthropology, Dance and Performing Arts, Women’s and Gender Studies, Poetry
Jair (Undergraduate): Philosophy, the Humanities
Javier (Undergraduate): Theater Performance and History, Playwriting, Women’s and Gender Studies, Creative Writing, American History
Kathy (BA, MA, ABD PhD Work): Theater, Theater History, Acting, Directing, Dramatic Criticism and Theory, Speech Writing and Performance Skills, Women’s and Gender Studies, Creative Writing
Madeline (BA, MFA, PhD Candidate in Fiction): Literature, Theater, Humanities
Madison (Undergraduate): English, Business, Environmental Health Sciences, Plant Biology, Creative Writing
Megan (Undergraduate): French, TEFL Certificate
(Undergraduate): Creative Writing, TEFL Certificate, Russian
Rachael (BA, MA, PhD Candidate): Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Studies, New Media & Multimodal Composition, L2 Writing
Stephanie (BA, MA Candidate): Rhetoric and Composition, English Literature, Writing Center Studies, 1st Year Composition, Creative Writing

Looking for tutoring help with freshman composition? Make appointments with our designated English 1510 tutors:
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