For Writing Tutors

Online Sources

Templates for framing our ideas in writing
They Say/I Say: Templates #1 (PDF), Notes_and_templates_TheySayISay #2

Tutor discussions about the film Writing Across Borders

Tips for Working with Non-Native Speakers and OPIE Bridge Students

Additional resources for working with non-native speakers

  • Handouts from OPIE and ELIP, our resource cart,  and online resources we’ve discussed at orientation or in staff meetings
  • The CCC Statement on Second Language Writing and Writers
  • Applicable chapters in Harry C. Denny’s Facing the Center: Toward an Identity Politics of One-to-One Mentoring 


  1. Why did the student writer come to see us?
  2. What kinds of questions was the writer asking?
  3. What kind of rapport was established in the session you observed?
  4. What kind of tone was set in the session you observed?
  5. What would you say was the proportion of tutor talk in the session you observed?
  6. What kind of talking did the tutor do in the session you observed?
  7. Did you discuss anything else with the tutor if you had time–or, what questions do you have after observing this session?


Interpretive paraphrase

Directive questions

Open-ended questions (questions that can’t be answered with yes or no)

Advisory directives

Content-clarifying questions

Opposition-based questions

Other kinds (describe)

*Adapted from  Gillespie and Lerner’s The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring (96)

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