We plan to offer two technology workshops that are introductions to iMovie and Audacity. We are currently determining dates and times for these workshops and will have them posted in the coming weeks.

We also offer in-class workshops on the Student Writing Center and our services, as well as longer workshops on writing-related topics/issues throughout the semester (see below).


The SWC can send a representative to give mini workshops on writing-related topics in your classrooms. We also offer 10-15 minute presentations about the SWC.  Sample in-class workshops: re-writing a personal statement, developing your CV, avoiding plagiarism, developing an analytical thesis statement, tips for proofreading and editing, and more.  Disciplines that have utilized our workshops: English Composition, Coaching Education, Engineering, Interdisciplinary Arts,  Speech-Language Pathology, University College courses, OPIE, Chemistry. Interested in inviting a SWC rep into your classroom? Just download and complete our request form. NOTE: Instructors need to be present on day of workshop.


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