We are not offering any large-group workshops this Spring, but we will be offering several “how-to” technology workshops on programs like iMovie, Audacity, Prezi, and PowerPoint in Fall 2015.

We do, however, offer in-class workshops on writing-related topics/issues throughout the semester (see below).


The SWC can send a representative to give mini workshops on writing-related topics in your classrooms. We also offer 10-15 minute presentations about the SWC.  Sample in-class workshops: re-writing a personal statement, developing your CV, avoiding plagiarism, developing an analytical thesis statement, tips for proofreading and editing, and more.  Disciplines that have utilized our workshops: English Composition, Coaching Education, Engineering, Interdisciplinary Arts,  Speech-Language Pathology, University College courses, OPIE, Chemistry. Interested in inviting a SWC rep into your classroom? Just download and complete our request form. NOTE: Instructors need to be present on day of workshop.


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